About ISM

Who is ISM – Immune System Management

ISM is a life sciences and biotechnology company at the forefront of individualized, science-based, natural health and wellness.  We have helped thousands of clients worldwide maintain a healthy immune and metabolic system through our customized, targeted amino acid/micronutrient support program.  With over two decades of focused research and clinical application, ISM is the only global source for Aminomics™.

ISM is a pioneer and leader in the research and development of bio-individualized therapeutics in the supportive management of the immune system.  Contemporary scientific and medical knowledge and evidence have been integrated with the analysis and interpretation of our laboratory and clinical experience in developing the Aminomics™ Platform.

The knowledge of nutrition is the most helpful thing in the field of medicine because of the constant need for food during health as well as illness.– Maimonides > 1000 years ago

“Disease is as unique as the client“ ~ W. O’Neill

Overview of Aminomics Therapeutics

In today’s medical world, the disease tends to be managed by diagnosing and treating the symptoms. ISM focuses on the underlying cause that is unique to the client.

The fundamental hypothesis upon which ISM’s Aminomics™ methodology is founded is a blend of evidence derived from accepted medical and laboratory models such as Clinical Immunology, Orthomolecular, Functional Medicine, Human Chemistry, Biology, Pharmacology, Genomics (the study of human DNA) and Proteomics (the study of human protein). The synthesis of these models provides the fundamental cornerstone of the Aminomics™ Platform.

We refer to our methodology as “client-specific, evidence-based healthcare”.

Our Mission

  1. Improve health worldwide by increasing access to the Aminomics™ Platform for metabolic assessment, and integrated management of the immune system.

  2. Build and maintain a reputation of the highest quality and efficacy for the Aminomics™ Platform

  3. Advance this methodology through education, research & development

  4. Continue to evolve a rationale, ethical and evidence-based personalized approach to health

ISM Product and Services

The application of the Aminomics™ approach to thousands of clients has shown to be a rational, effective, and advanced means of ensuring homeostasis.  The Aminomics™ Platform continues to be developed from the analysis of consistent biochemical blood plasma analysis patterns.

ISM Service

The Aminomics™ Platform has been developed over the past 20+ years with the expertise of medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, laboratory sciences, biochemistry, pharmacology, immunology, and biotechnology in clinical and laboratory settings located in Ottawa, Canada.  

Educational Support

Our support literature provides several types of information, including: 

•    Aminomics™ specific overviews 
•    Client laboratory reports and accompanying guidelines 
•    ISM Protocols 
•    Copies of articles authored by the scientific/medical staff of ISM 
•    Lists of annotated abstracts on amino acid and immune function in health 
•    Extensive searchable database on components of our products and their impact on client’s health