ISM’s Bio-Individualized Therapeutics 

ISM designs customized nutritional therapeutics based on an individual’s blood plasma amino acid level profile. Signs, symptoms, and diagnosis as well as the client’s medical and personal history, lifestyle and eating patterns are also considered, primarily to validate the amino acid profile findings. The goal of the customized therapeutics is to rebalance the amino acid profile to optimal levels by custom supplementation of amino acid mixtures (on a client by client basis) where recommendations to improvements in lifestyle and nutrition are also frequently needed and made.  When optimal amino acid profiles are achieved, generally the client has regained wellness associated with the reversion of ‘immunosenescence’, a process which commonly occurs over 3 to 6 months. Immunosenescence, a disturbed and non-functional immune system is often associated with aging or stress, and invariably underlies most if not all chronic illness in the adult.[1]

In addition to the individual levels of amino acids, immunosenescence is monitored through various amino acid profile algorithms. As the overall amino acid level profile becomes optimal, the ‘immunosenescence’ parameters disappear and the client reports improvements in health. The nutritional therapeutics target an individual’s own ‘natural’ self-healing metabolic and immune system capacity which ameliorates many chronic conditions and places the client in remission. It should be noted that this process occurs naturally through the nutritional supplementation, which not only alleviates ‘immunosenescence’ the cause of chronic illness, but avoids toxic side effects that often accompany conventional medical interventions. Somewhat paradoxically, conventional medical interventions often contribute to immunosenescence because they are immunosuppressive in nature, for example, surgery, radiation, cytotoxic chemotherapy, and some drugs or herbal medicines are anti-inflammatory and/or immunosuppressive (steroids, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), statins, monoclonal antibodies, turmeric, hypericum, etc.).

The Immune System Management Aminomics™ program provides an optimal balance of all the body’s natural and critical metabolic and biochemical “tools”; such as enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fatty acids that are used directly by the body’s immune and metabolic systems. Through inclusion of a proprietary blend of flavonoids, this also overcomes the major contributor to immunosenescence, i.e., high levels of unopposed cortisol (low DHEA/cortisol ratios).[2] Accordingly, not only are remissions from chronic illnesses possible, but Aminomics therapy also appears in theory2 and in practice to reduce the risk of other chronic diseases settling in.

[1] It should be noted however, that reversion of illness does not pertain to any permanent neuronal, central nervous system (CNS) damage which is generally considered irreversible. (However, there may be functional neurology treatments which may where appropriate, compensate for CNS damage and these clients are referred out.)

[2] Laderoute MP. A new paradigm about HERV-K102 particle production and blocked release to explain cortisol mediated immunosenescence and age-associated risk of chronic disease.  Discov Med. 2015 Dec;20(112):379-91.