Immune System Research

All of our research is focused on the four core principles of Aminomics™:

(1) A Strong Immune Response = Balance of Amino Acids & Protein

The basic substrate of all metabolic and cellular human functioning is amino acids. When an individual possesses the optimal profile of chemistry and metabolism, that individual is typically healthy or symptom-free. When an individual’s profile deviates from the optimum, symptoms will evolve. Proteins can only be made when all the necessary amino acids are simultaneously available in the right proportions.

(2) Nutritional Synergism

The synergistic impact and interrelationships of all micro- and macro-nutrients is critical to proper protein absorption, use and function. “Nutraview” is a portal into hundreds of abstracts from peer-reviewed literature on the positive impact that nutraceuticals have on various diseases and chronic conditions.

(3) Individuality 

“Disease is as unique as the client.”

Every human is unique, bio-chemically and metabolically. Each of us have our own history of experience that culminates in our state of health. All aspects of the Aminomics diagnostic and therapeutic approach embrace the central concept of uniqueness or biochemical individuality.

(4) Zero Pathogen/ High Bio-availability

An immune system that is already combating various pathogens needs to be supported with supplementation that is:

• pure and pathogen-free
• highly bio-available
• administered in the right proportions at the right time

Read more about The Significance and Relationship of Amino Acids and Protein in Chronic Disease and General Wellness.

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