The Aminomics™ Platform

ISM has researched and empirically developed a Platform known as Aminomics™.  The scientific basis of our work involves blood plasma amino acid analysis that results in the design and manufacture of bio-individualized Aminomics™ nutraceutical compounds.  The application of the Aminomics™ Platform to thousands of clients has resulted in enhanced wellness and quality of life without adverse side effects reflecting a balanced and optimal amino acid profile.  The Aminomics™ Platform is proving to be a rational, effective, and advanced means of ensuring long-term, event-free wellness.

What is Aminomics™?

Everything our body does relies in part, upon building proteins.  Protein is one of the key resource materials used to build and maintain every cell in the body. The building blocks of proteins are the amino acids. Some amino acids are described as essential (meaning we can not manufacture them – we need to consume foods that contain them), semi-essential (meaning under certain conditions, such as illness, we need to obtain them from the diet), or non-essential (meaning we can produce the amino acid internally from other pathways without the need for inclusion in the diet).  The focus of our methodology is on the importance of optimal and balanced amino acid profiles. When an individual possesses the optimal profile of amino acids, that individual is typically metabolically balanced and is healthy or symptom-free. When an individual’s profile deviates from the optimum, symptoms become apparent.  Allopathic medicine treats symptoms but generally, this is without consideration of the root cause of the illness. However, until the root cause is addressed, the illness becomes chronic and continues to perpetuate or worsen.

What is an Aminomics™ Profile Test?

The Aminomics™ Profile Test identifies blood amino acid imbalances. In combination with ISM’s exclusive clinical experience interpreting thousands of tests over the past two decades, the test can illuminate and address individual problems in amino acid absorption and metabolism.  It pinpoints potential system weaknesses, giving you the opportunity to restore balance to each system.

Immunosenescence (Immune Aging) is a Common Denominator in Chronic Illness

ISM’s Aminomics Platform addresses the amino acid imbalances leading to immunosenescence (immune aging).  Immunosenescence involves both immunosuppression and inflammatory components and reflects alterations in the amino acid levels and profiles. It is thought to largely result from stress and a reduced DHEA/cortisol ratio associated with aging or illness [1].  DHEA is dehydroepiandrosterone and is known as the ‘youth hormone’.  DHEA diminishes the effects of stress (cortisol) on bodily systems.  As one ages, one is less able to handle stress. Stress can be secondary to trauma, psychological stress, infections, aging, lack of exercise, poor nutrition, tumors, and/or exposure to toxic substances such as cigarette smoke and pollution.   To re-establish and maintain wellness, one must reverse the reduced DHEA/cortisol ratio.  To do this,  ISM uses a proprietary mix of vitamins, minerals, and flavonoids which helps to rebalance the DHEA/cortisol ratio. This also helps to re-establish and maintain a balanced amino acid profile. Our Platform focuses on balancing all the body’s natural and critical metabolic and biochemical pathways.  Using HPLC laboratory technology, we are able to blueprint a client’s blood plasma amino acid levels and compare these values against an optimal Aminomics Profile.  ISM designs Aminomics™ balancing nutraceutical compounds that address the amino acid imbalance on an individual level, and thus supports the client’s own self-healing immune and metabolic capacity.


(1) The Centre of the ISM Approach: Bio-Individuality Every human is unique, bio-chemically and metabolically. Each of us possesses a unique history of experience and lifestyles that culminates in our state of health. The ISM approach embraces the central concept of uniqueness or biochemical individuality.

(2) The Aminomics™ Platform Our Platform is based upon extensive and evolving laboratory and clinical research with thousands of client-years of data.   Using HPLC laboratory technology and novel validated algorithms used to interpret immune status, ISM is able to effectively blueprint a client to design the composition of the customized compounds. We also pride ourselves in being able to distinguish and compensate for falsely elevated lysine values.  In this way, the formula is always optimized to enhance the rebalancing of the amino acid profile, and thus the immune system.

(3) Superior Quality Therapeutic Custom Formulations A human body that is already stressed from chronic disease or from reaction to cytotoxic treatments absolutely must have only the best nutrient fortification. ISM uses only the highest-grade, highly bio-available ingredients in our therapeutic formulations.

(4) ISM is a Global Leader in the Field of Immunosenescence Not only has ISM been reversing immunosenescence  (immune system aging) for over 20 years based on empirical research and development, but more recently, has published a new immunosenescence paradigm [1].  This new paradigm attempts to explain how stress and a decreasing DHEA/cortisol ratio increase the likelihood of immunosenescence which is associated with the risk of chronic illness. For more information on how this new paradigm challenges the notion that in humans, high cholesterol causes heart disease, please see Dr. Laderoute’s article “Why is February Heart Month?”.

For more information on immunosenescence, its impact on human health, and how it can be avoided,  please click here where updates on trending new science will be posted.

How Might Aminomics Help Me?

In the case of chronic illness, the body’s metabolic and immune system has becomes severely dysfunctional.  If the body’s protective system is compromised, to begin with, then chronic illness has a much better chance of establishing and progressing.  ISM focuses on optimizing your overall health at the cellular and biochemical levels to stay on a path to well-being.


  1. Laderoute MP. A new paradigm about HERV-K102 particle production and blocked release to explain cortisol mediated immunosenescence and age-associated risk of chronic disease.  Discov Med. 2015 Dec;20(112):379-91.